Stop Painting and use Mighty Line floor tape

Stop painting your warehouse floor and use the patented Mighty Line floor tape. Mighty Line safety floor tape are great for the heavy duty industrial use. Mighty Line 5s floor tape can help in lean manufacturing facilities Mighty Line Floor Tape Installs Quickly Has a thicker profile No dry time like paint does No production down time in your facility Removes Easily unlike painting Has beveled edges and a peel and stick adhesive Continue reading Stop Painting and use Mighty Line floor tape

5s Floor Marking Guide and Color Recommendations for Lean manufacturing

5s Floor Marking Guide for Lean Manufacturing and OSHA compliant from Mighty Line Floor Tape – ShieldMark Inc.       THE MIGHTY LINE GUIDE TO A SAFE AND EFFICIENT WORKPLACE 2. Our Floor Tapes,Floor Signs and 5S approach will yield measurable results. The more clarity, logic and clear communication you can bring to a workplace environment, the more safely and efficiently it will operate. Using Mighty Line products, in conjunction with a 5S organizational method, will result in tasks being completed more easily and quickly, and a decrease in workplace injuries. Sowheredoyoustart? Start with a plan. Think about what items … Continue reading 5s Floor Marking Guide and Color Recommendations for Lean manufacturing

5s Floor Marking Tape Catalog

5s Safety Floor Marking Catalog or you can view the mobile friendly version here Floor Tape Catalog Online Version Mighty Line Floor Tape 2015 Catalog 1. ® BEFORE AFTER 20228 Detroit Road Rocky River, Ohio 44116 Phone: (800) 714-9980 Fax: (440) 220-4381 Email: ShieldMarkThe Mighty Line Durable Stripe Inc. ® 2. 2 Mighty Line® patented floor tape is the most durable floor tape available. Spend more time on value added actions–producing, receiving, and shipping materials– and less time on non-value added activities such as painting floor lines. Mighty Line floor tape is available in many colors and patterns … Continue reading 5s Floor Marking Tape Catalog

Freezer Floor Tape

Please take a look at the new Mighty Line Frigid Freezer Floor tape. Mighty Line Frigid Tape Mighty Line® Frigid Tape is a durable, permanent cold storage floor tape. This freezer floor tape maintains adherence in -20˚ Fahrenheit temperatures. This long lasting floor tape can be applied to cold, clean and dry floors. Mighty Line Frigid tape is available in 4 inch solid yellow. View more here Continue reading Freezer Floor Tape

Plant Engineering Safety Product of the Year

Please go to And vote for Mighty Line/ Shieldmark for Safety Product of the year Floor tapes The ShieldMark Mighty Line floor tapes were designed to help managers improve the safety, organization, and productivity of their facilities. The easy-to-apply floor marking products can be used for a wide variety of industry applications and boast long-lasting durability and labor-saving advantages. Might Line’s essential attributes include quick application, long life, and critical safety warning messages. Mighty Line’s advanced floor marking tapes provide non-invasive floor marking installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers, resist damage from wheeled … Continue reading Plant Engineering Safety Product of the Year