Stop Painting and use Mighty Line floor tape

Stop painting your warehouse floor and use the patented Mighty Line floor tape. Mighty Line safety floor tape are great for the heavy duty industrial use. Mighty Line 5s floor tape can help in lean manufacturing facilities Mighty Line Floor Tape Installs Quickly Has a thicker profile No dry time like paint does No production down time in your facility Removes Easily unlike painting Has beveled edges and a peel and stick adhesive Continue reading Stop Painting and use Mighty Line floor tape Mighty Line Floor Tape Article

Mighty Line Floor Tapes Mighty Line tapes apply easily for non-invasive floor marking, replacing painting and shorter-lasting floor tapes. The heavy-duty striping can be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers and resists damage from wheeled forklift traffic. Nine colors in four widths are available, as are an optional center line in a contrasting or glow-in-the-dark color. Manufacturer: ShieldMarkWeb Site: You can view the online catalog here. ShieldMark is mentioned on page 41.     Continue reading Mighty Line Floor Tape Article