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Dealer Shout Out to FloorTape.com

FloorTape.com is located in Los Angeles California and they have been servicing the West Coast.

With your floor marking tape, floor signage, 5s floor tape and other floor tape needs.

They serve California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Arizona and other states in the USA.

They also serve international customers.

They recently tried a podcast sponsorship on the Barstool “The Case”

Request your free sample from the case here floortape.com/thecase

FloorTape.com ” The Case ” Ad Read

Learn more about FloorTape.com at https://floortape.com/pages/about-floortape-com

View them on Twitter at https://twitter.com/FloorTape_com

Below is their Transit Times to States and Cities

FloorTape.com Transit times for floor tape and floor marking tape

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