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Freezer Floor Tape

Please take a look at the new Mighty Line Frigid Freezer Floor tape.

Mighty Line Frigid Tape

Mighty Line® Frigid Tape is a durable,
permanent cold storage floor tape. This
freezer floor tape maintains adherence in
-20˚ Fahrenheit temperatures.
This long lasting floor tape can be applied
to cold, clean and dry floors. Mighty Line
Frigid tape is available in 4 inch solid yellow.

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Plant Engineering Safety Product of the Year

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And vote for Mighty Line/ Shieldmark for Safety Product of the year

Floor tapes

The ShieldMark Mighty Line floor tapes were designed to help managers improve the safety, organization, and productivity of their facilities. The easy-to-apply floor marking products can be used for a wide variety of industry applications and boast long-lasting durability and labor-saving advantages. Might Line’s essential attributes include quick application, long life, and critical safety warning messages. Mighty Line’s advanced floor marking tapes provide non-invasive floor marking installation and removal. They can also be cleaned with industrial brush scrubbers, resist damage from wheeled forklift traffic, and are fume-free.

ShieldMark Inc.

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5s Floor Marking Guide

5s Floor Marking Guide

Need help with choosing what standard colors to use for your 5s facility.

Mighty Line’s 5s principles

Use Mighty Line® safety tapes to aid your 5S Implementation.
Sorting is accomplished by removing unneeded items and leaving in place only critical items necessary to obtain optimal production. Set things in order by using different color Mighty Line floor tapes and floor markers to show work flow patterns, establish borders between work areas and mark the proper placement of tools, inventories, and machinery. Your facility will shine with the proper placement ­inventory tools, and machinery identified with brightly colored Mighty Line floor tapes, markers and signs. Standardize  your optimized facility layout by photographing the properly placed flow lines, border lines, machinery and inventory placement markers and instructional floor signs. Use your pictures to sustain optimum facility layout and as a reference for future continuous improvement re-arrangement options. Finally, use Mighty Line safety tapes, floor markers, and safety floor signs to identify, communicate, and reinforce proper safety practices.

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